In the past, if you wanted to connect the Inceptor in order to play multiplayer games with the FPS app, you had to login and scan the QR code provided on the packaging. In order to lend the device to somebody else you had to go through a similar process and scan a QR code to allow the sharing of the Inceptor. This process has been completely eliminated to improve the user experience. In order to play multiplayer games with your Inceptor, you just have to follow these simple steps:

  1. Start the Father.IO AR FPS app

  2. Login with your credentials

  3. Wait for a matter of seconds, your Inceptor will start to slowly blink in blue colour - if this happens the Inceptor is connected

  4. Click on “Multiplayer” to start the battle!

If your Inceptor seems not to connect:

  1. Click on the blue Inceptor icon appearing on the top right of the screen and on “Connect Inceptor” in the next screen and try again to start the multiplayer game. This should solve the issue.

  2. Install the Inceptor patcher - we found out some smartphones experience recurring pairing and unpairing issues with the Inceptor. This happens primarily with Huawei P8 lite, P9 lite, P10 lite, and with some Samsung models, and is due to bugs in their Android Bluetooth drivers. If you do have one of these devices or experience the same issue, download the Inceptor patcher and follow the instructions provided: