The MMO Tactical Map BETA is currently unavailable as it has been removed and replaced by the FPS app.

The MMO game won’t disappear forever: we will continue working on it as an update of the Father.IO AR FPS core gameplay.

If you want to play with the AR FPS game you have to:

  • uninstall the old BETA Tactical Map app (you might have it installed on your smartphone but it is no longer working)

  • install the Father.IO AR FPS app downloading it from Google Play or App Store

Once the app is installed you can recover your credentials:

  • by signing up with Facebook: sign up with facebook on the new app. The system will pop you the old tactical map username, which you will be able to confirm.

  • by signing up with your email: sign up with your email, redo the registering process with the email you are trying to log in with and confirm the proposed username. You should be able to get an email with a verification link to click on, so after that you should restart the app with the newly received details. 

The process should work for everyone. If not, you might also check out the community section dedicated to bugs: